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Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus 8-loop Pedal Switcher Price In Australia

Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus 8-loop Pedal Switcher

Voodoo Lab Pedals
The Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus 8-loop Pedal Switcher includes free shipping to Australia at the best price of AU $668. Serviced regions include Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Perth , Adelaide , Gold Coast , Canberra and Newcastle.
AU $668
Product Description
The Switcher That Puts You in Charge

The Voodoo Lab's PX-8 Plus Pedal Switcher delivers true bypass performance for all your favorite effects pedals. It boasts eight high-quality footswitches that allow you to bring your pedals into the signal only when you want to. The PX-8 Plus also offers 36 customizable preset tones that you can access with a single stomp and MIDI in and out to interface with a MIDI switcher. And it carries a thin compact design to give more space for your effects. Get optimal tone from your effects with the Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus — and all without any tone-sucking circuitry.

True bypass loops remove unwanted effects from the chain

Every guitarist has that effect that we just can't live without, but when it's in the chain it wreaks havoc on our signal. You don't have to compromise any longer with the PX-8 Plus pedal switcher from Voodoo Lab. The eight footswitches on the face of the unit bring your effects in and out of the signal chain only when you want them. And your signal runs pure and clean right past any effects not selected. That means you can now crank up that vintage fuzz box on your board and not even know it's there when it's not in use.

36 customizable preset pedal combinations

As an upgrade to Voodoo Lab's PX-8 Pedal Switcher, the PX-8 Plus retains the fine gold contact relays, eight true-bypass effects loops, and convenient size. But the Plus version ups the ante with 36 user-definable presets. You can still use the PX-8 Plus in standard mode to insert and remove effects on the fly, but by moving into preset mode, a single stomp can pull up a string of effects for an instant lead tone, ambient tone, and more. AudioBuy wants to help simplify your live performance. The Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus is just the ticket.

MIDI connections for expanding your MIDI capabilities

For players who want one-step access to multiple pedals, the PX-8 Plus is fully MIDI integrable. MIDI switchers such as Voodoo Lab's Commander open up a world of possibilities. Now you can pull up a string of any of the effects you want with one stomp. Not only that, but you can even program it to select the presets you've created in some of your favorite digitally controlled effects! Let's face it, you're a guitar player, not a tap dancer. Now you can get down to the business you're there to do with the PX-8 Plus from Voodoo Lab.

Compact design to take up minimal pedalboard space

One design issue that plagues many different pedal switchers is their size. Often bulky by nature, there is little room left on your board for your actual effects. And with airline weight restrictions and travel getting more difficult in general, sometimes getting a larger pedalboard isn't an option. The PX-8 Plus comes in an impressively compact package. It'll even fit on one rail of a pedaltrain pedalboard. Now all your favorite effects pedals will have room to breathe on the board you already have.

Voodoo Lab PX-8 Plus Pedal Loop Switcher Features
  • 8 true bypass audio loops using the finest gold contact relays
  • 1-button access to 36 customizable preset effects combinations
  • Instantly recall 128 preset combinations of effects via MIDI
  • Compatible with Ground Control Pro or any MIDI controller
  • Insert point between loops 6 and 7 for volume pedals and more
  • Output buffer preserves tone even with long cable run to amp
  • Quiet Switching technology for lowest possible noise
  • Conveniently power from any Pedal Power 9VDC output
  • Handbuilt in Voodoo Lab's Santa Rosa, California, factory
  • Legendary Voodoo Lab quality and reliability
Tech Specs Type Inputs Outputs Other I/O MIDI I/O Power Source Manufacturer Part Number
Pedal switching system
1 x 1/4" (instrument)
1 x 1/4" (out)
8 x Loops (1/4" TS), 1 x Insert (1/4" TS)
9V DC power supply (sold separately)
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