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* AUDIOBUY DO NOT sell , buy or trade in second hand , grey market or counterfeit product.

AudioBuy Australia do not honor warranties or share any affiliation with Australian distributors/importers. All products sold by AudioBuy are sourced from the manufacturer and are always shipped in brand new / sealed condition.

All orders made with AudioBuy are completed by secure online credit card payment. If you are experiencing an issue with your order please contact us. Your credit card provider and/or bank will be able to dispute your charge if you feel a dispute is warranted however all order disputes can usually be resolved by contacting us in the first instance.

It has come to our attention that a number of competing Australian retailers are posting forum comments under a range of online aliases via the "WhirlPool" forum. With the exception of reported order delays , comments surrounding our dealings in "grey import" or "counterfeit" products are unfounded and incorrect. 

Are we grey importers?

No. AudioBuy do not import or ship "grey market" goods into Australia under any circumstance. We ship over 400 major musical instrument brands all of which are sourced from the manufacturer from their country of manufacture. All orders are packed and shipped from our locations in Delaware, Washington, New York and California.  

Are there additional costs above your listed price , eg import tax?

The price listed on the AudioBuy Australia website will be the total delivered cost unless your order total exceeds $2500AUD. AudioBuy pre-pay all import tax , duty and levy costs for orders equal to and below $2500AUD. Orders valued above $2500 AUD may incur import tax/duty charges upon entry into Australia (10%).

ResellerRatings is a trusted and unbias ratings/review website which has attracted a few AudioBuy customers to leave their comment , experience and feedback. AudioBuy has received a mixture of verified positive and negative reviews on the ResellerRatings website , eg :

"Very satisfied Behringer XR16 owner thanks to Audiobuy. While there was a small hiccup with my order at the start this was easily resolved with an email to their support team. Would definitely recommend." - Ryan (Verified Review)

"I ordered an item and it took me more than 10 days to receive it. Yes, the shipping is free but it doesn't even list how long it would take. I waited for so long and turned out they sent me a wrong item. I read few reviews and it said it is difficult to get refund because they are not responsive on refund matters. I wanted to make sure that I get refund before returning the product but they kept insisting me to send it back. I told them I would not send it before getting the refund and I was told the money was sent. But it was a lie. Please do not trust this guy named, Paul Williams. You will waste your time buying stuff from his website. It was the worst experience." - Jinsu (Verified Review)

WhirlPool Chat Room (August 2015)
AudioBuy Reviews On WhirlPoolThe website is a non-profit chatroom where anonymous Australians , customers and business owners can express their views in a largely unmoderated environment.

AudioBuy reviews and comments posted on the WhirlPool chatroom are predominantly negative and were initially published in August 2015. The forum has since been active for approximately two years and is infrequently updated. The forum encourages Australian musicians to purchase from local Australian stores. The forum claims AudioBuy are grey importers and scammers.


AudioBuy Reviews

Martin's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

This was my first order with AudioBuys
This was my first order with AudioBuys, and it was a great experience! Although it took some time for my order to ship; the prices were great, and the merchandise arrived in perfect shape! My only complaint is that they never respond to price matching requests. I will continue to do business with Audiobuy , and would recommend them to my friends. They're quite good!
Customer review submitted by 'Martin'
Christopher's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Good but confused communication from the staff
Item arrived quickly and in good condition even though I originally got a notification that it was backordered.
Customer review submitted by 'Christopher'
Rocker Ray's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Delivered but didn't get the tracking number?
Ordered a guitar from music 123 on Dec 27 and received it promptly on Jan 3 using standard shipping. I was unable to track the shipment online as no UPS tracking number was provided. I requested tracking info by email and recieved a very slow response (recieved on 1/6) after the item arrived. This would have been a great experience except for not being able to track the shipment.
Customer review submitted by 'Rocker Ray'
Dennis's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

My rating of
Really bad customer service but the guitar eventually arrived after multiple issues. I ordered a cheap Godin guitar valued at just above $1000 so I asked for insurance and tracking. They responded with my tracking number and said all the items Audiobuys ship include freight insurance. This is where the problems started. After 2 days the guitar was not yet delivered but the tracking number showed delivered. I contacted AudioBuy and told them that I had not received the guitar and they told me it was delivered and to check my address again. At this point I began to get really upset and asked to talk to the manager of Audiobuy , I passed onto a girl called katie who told me she'd look into it. After another nail biting 2 days I was emailed that the tracking number details were updated and showed the item was waiting for me at my local post pickup. In the end the guitar got to me , albeit after 1-2 weeks but the initial tracking number was a really stressful time.
Customer review submitted by 'Dennis'
Felix's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

No hassle online purchase
I've purchased about five items from AudioBuy in the last 9 months or so. Every purchase came quickly to my door and in perfect working order. The last item purchased was the Fender IV bass butterscotch. I was a little concerned about this order, but it came in 11 days in perfect condition. Who ever packed it did a great job! I've never had to contact their customer support people so I can't really comment on their communication or refund policy.
Customer review submitted by 'Felix'
Wanona's Negative Review & Scam Ripoff Complaint About AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017 wasted my time
I tried to order 2 times with them, both times I got an email saying my purchase failed to be billed due to a flag in their security system which could not be overridden. Why bother listing items for sale if you can't even bill your customers? Avoid this seller.
Customer review submitted by 'Wanona'
Matthew Simpson's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Thanks Katie :)
Katie at AudioBuy did a very aggressive price match on a Yamaha Keyboard, that three other vendors refused to do after instructing me NOT to buy from this seller. I ordered late Friday afternoon with regular free delivery. I received tracking information the next day and shipment of all three items ordered was received the following Friday afternoon. All items were well packed and delivered as promised for an unbeatable price. Transaction was very smooth. No complaints about price matching. Very satisfied will order again. Note to other buyers ..... if you're trying to negotiate the best price with AudioBuy i'd suggest asking to communicate with Katie. She's very helpful and discounted my bulk order which the other guy wasn't willing to do when I first got in contact with AudioBuy.
Customer review submitted by 'Matthew Simpson'
Peter's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017 Review - Shure SM57 Microphone
I am very pleased with the company Audiobuy and particularly Katie who really helped me out. At first I was chessed because the item I wanted was on backorder, however they were very helpful in canceling my initial order and allowing me to choose the same item but as a different color that was in stock. They were also very prompt with my refund, the issue with the refund being on Paypal's end due to their security system flagging my payment as suspicious. After calling Paypal and emailing AudioBuy all ended well. The speed at which my item was delivered was a plus, it took only 3 days for my item to get to me.
Customer review submitted by 'Peter'
Marvin's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

AudioBuy and Amazon shipment mix up
It looks like things haven't gotten any better since 2014 when i last bought from Audiobuy. I ordered a Pioneer DJ accessory kit from Amazon and AudioBuy was the seller when the parcel shipped but it arrived in a poorly protected cardboard box 1 day later than the scheduled FEDEX delivery date. AudioBuy offered a $20 credit on my next purchase which is the only redeeming aspect of my second purchase but at least the item arrived within a reasonable timeframe and brand new.
Customer review submitted by 'Marvin'
Michelle's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

New Ibanez JS guitar just arrived thanks AudioBuy
I think unhappy customers are more likely to write a review than the ones that are happy with their purchase. I am quite happy with AudioBuy so I will share my experience. I ordered a Joe Satriani (new red mustang one) last week and received it in less than 7 days including the weekend. The guitar arrived in the original factory box and packed within another shipping container provided by the guys at AudioBuy. I do feel, however, the outer container should have been marked "Fragile Do Not Drop" as was the inner factory box. The guitar did arrive safe and sound though. I have played the guitar and checked all the switches, knobs, etc. and have found nothing that does not work properly. I am quite pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy again from Audiobuy , for this reason and more my review is a perfect 5 out of 5!
Customer review submitted by 'Michelle'
Charlie DJ House's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

A little embarrassed
One month ago i went online to Audiobuy to buy a set of earphones to have delivered to my house. I paid about $300 dollars but after 6 days I did not get anything. The next day I emailed AudioBuy about what the hell was going on and they said the earphones weren't in stock but someone else at my company had apparently agreed to us waiting a few days for more stock to arrive and be shipped. I was not aware of this so I asked around my office and it turns out AudioBuy were right so I ended up sending loud emails for no reason. I apologised to the guy at AudioBuy about the attitude and requested a tracking number which he emailed through. Looking back on the experience now it was overall a pleasant one. The item left their address 5 days after my card was billed and then with Fedex for another 4 days. I got my earphones in the end and would recommend AudioBuy if their price is right.
Customer review submitted by 'Charlie Dj House'
Marcus's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Mucked around by
Paid for express delivery didn't turn up till 6 days latter
Customer review submitted by 'Marcus'
Mark's Negative Review & Scam Ripoff Complaint About AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

One of your staff was arrogant
One of your staff was arrogant
Customer review submitted by 'Mark'
Gil's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Fantastic headphones for the price - brand new too!
I bought the Sennheiser HD 201 headphones from the Australian brand of AudioBuy and they are a fantastic set of headphones for the price. Exceptionally clear sound and very comfortable to wear. Service from Katie was excellent and i'll be back to buy more stuff soon when I can afford it. Being a musician on a tight budget I think we need more music shops selling to Australia at the prices the same product costs overseas. When I spent a week checking the price for the same set of headphones at other music stores I was taken back by difference in price and never really got an answer or justification on why they were asking so much the end of the day it wasn't a big purchase from Audiobuy but if I were spending more money I'd be tempted to buy from overseas again just to save a few hundred bucks if nothing else. I'm ranting on here a bit , thanks AudioBuy.
Customer review submitted by 'Gil'
Greta's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Sunday, Feb 05, 2017

Audiobuy have good products, good prices but slow delivery
I ordered three products from AudioBuy , around the $1.5k mark was the sum total of my purchase. One item wasn't in stock , I was notified about this and when they could send all of the items because they apparently needed to ship all items together instead of individually. I was notified about 1 week later with the tracking number and my order finally arrived this morning. Took about 13 days in total so I could've saved time purchasing locally but potentially spent more. I don't know what the local price is for the order I made through AudioBuy but overall i'd rate these guys 4/5 and will probably use them again along with my bandmate who plays the bass.
Customer review submitted by 'Greta'
Joseph's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Saturday, Feb 04, 2017

Good choice choosing this store
Paul from AudioBuy was extremely polite throughout the ordering process , both well informed and accommodating. I ordered a Martin Black Smoko guitar and i'm really happy with it , I did my research before buying from the AudioBuy store and they are an independent webshop. My only criticism would be the shipping method used , I expected a FEDEX tracking number but instead received a USPS tracking number. When I told AudioBuy about this they apologised and said that some parcels ship FEDEX while others ship USPS depending on the price and volume of the item being shipped. Overall , I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend!!
Customer review submitted by 'Joseph'
Steve's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Saturday, Feb 04, 2017

Best price I found locally (or globally) on an Akai EWI USB.
The reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is that I had a concern about delays in shipping after realising that the item would not be coming from a Sydney dealer but from the US (and becayse I was soon moving house). I assumed I'm dealing with an Australian retailer who has the item in stock. When I contacted AudioBuy about it via email they failed to respond. Nevertheless, I received the EWI in a couple of weeks and it was well packaged, and it's working very well. So I would use these guys again, but keeping in mind that they are probably just an importer and you'll get your gear shipped from overseas.
Customer review submitted by 'Steve'
Tsen's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Feb 02, 2017

Be more patient
Be more patients to your customers please. I thankyou for the delivery of pedal but you please need to be more patient with me if buy one more time.
Customer review submitted by 'Tsen'
Gary's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Feb 02, 2017

Ordered a Blue ENCORE Mic from AudioBuy
Ordered the product. Estimated delivery date was correct. Picked it up from the PO BOX locker and saw the well wrapped parcel just sitting there and I was very happy indeed. My review of AudioBuy couldn't better 5/5.
Customer review submitted by 'Gary'
Matthew's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Feb 02, 2017

Great prices but slow emails sometimes
I ordered my son a tech 21 pedal for Xmas , i was told it was in stock but for some reason the tracking number was only emailed to me after 3 days and the communication was quite slow at times.
Customer review submitted by 'Matthew'
Michelle's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Saturday, Jan 28, 2017

Don't believe the hype
I just received my new Schecter in the mail after a 2 day customs clearance delay and I'm very happy with my purchase. Prior to purchasing from Audiobuy I made a few calls to other music shops asking for quotes and the best price. Their price did not come close but tried to win my sale by offering an extended warranty for the Schecter guitar and used scare tactics about buying from overseas retailers. I eventually made the decision to go with AudioBuy and they were very helpful pre-purchased in terms of the stock levels and the total cost it would make to my bank account. All in all i'm rating AudioBuy a 5/5 star rating , I got exactly what I ordered and the guitar is in immaculate shiny condition. The only downside I can think of would be the phone support AudioBuy offer. My emails were responded to within a few hours and I'll definitely be purchasing from AudioBuy again but not another guitar maybe a set of DiMarzios. Thanks AudioBuy!
Customer review submitted by 'Michelle'
Scotty's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017

Good choice choosing this store
So I was facing an issue whether or not to buy 2 guitars from my local or from overseas at the cheaper price. I was reluctant at first especially after my local store , who will go un-named , told me every story under the sun to not purchase from overseas and the end cost would be the same , if not more. I spent some time comparing the price of AudioBuy with my local store and dedicated to go with Audiobuy for this one and received several well communicated emails so I felt confident moving forward. The first guitar arrived about 1 week ago and the second guitar just arrived so i'm very happy and in the mood for leaving this positive review of Audiobuy. If you're considering buying a guitar , dj or any other type of musical instrument then I would suggest stopping by AudioBuy to check on their price and comparing it to your local store - if the price difference is huge then yes , perhaps buying from overseas markets is the better decision to make.
Customer review submitted by 'Scotty'
Samuel's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017

Thanks for shipping inside the hardcase
Hey guys i just opened my hardcase box and a nice new shiny guitar is now sitting in my room , thanks for shipping the guitar as requested in the hardcase - however , YOU FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE EXTRA PACK OF ACOUSTIC STRINGS that you promised. This isn't a big deal but the prices for acoustic strings locally are very dear. My rating would've been 5 except for the strings issue but its OK. Thanks AudioBuy :)
Customer review submitted by 'Samuel'
Ricard's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Saturday, Jan 14, 2017

hi guys I just got my box in the mail and am very pleased but haven't fully tried out the novation yet , your included note including the 10% next time discount is very appreciated thankyou. However, my only criticism I hope you can improve on is your shipping company FEDEX , they took 2 days to pick up the Novation from your premises when you told us it would be picked up the following day.
Customer review submitted by 'Ricard'
Elliot P's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Saturday, Jan 14, 2017

Why does your carrier take so long?
I ordered a Martin guitar just over a week ago and it is STILL IN TRANSIT with FEDEX pending clearance or something like this. If FEDEX don't deliver the guitar within a few days I'll be a very unhappy man.
Customer review submitted by 'Elliot P'
Jack's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Friday, Jan 13, 2017

I got the product but shipping took a little too long
We got the product eventually but it was with Fedex for over 5 days which is very unusual , AudioBuy shipped the guitar quite quickly but their carrier in this case let them down..
Customer review submitted by 'Jack'
Brandon's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

Hmm Ok...
I bought a pickup and received an email saying I would be informed of the tracking number once packed to ship. 4 working days later I received a refund from Paypal from audiobuy.
Customer review submitted by 'Brandon'
Michael's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017 were responsive to my pre-purchase questions...
Audiobuy were responsive to my pre-purchase questions. They also supplied the item I ordered at an extremely competitive price and delivered it very promptly. They were a pleasure to deal with and I give them a high recommendation.
Customer review submitted by 'Michael'
Brian P's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

$2510 AUD guitar purchase from Audiobuy went very well
I ordered a Martin Black Smoko guitar and i'm really happy with it , I did my research before buying from the AudioBuy store and they are an independent webshop and had the guitar available to me from the USA when no local store did so I'm very happy overall with my purchase and would recommend Audiobuy to fellow musicians - ps if you're ordering from this store a high ticket item then reach out to Michelle in accounts as she was the only one able to give me a good discount since I was spending a fair chunk of change. Approximate cost: $2510
Customer review submitted by 'Brian P'
Bronte's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

AudioBuy USA Review
Digitech Trio+ arrived safe from the USA. AudioBuy were excellent to deal with, any emails or questions were answered promptly.
Customer review submitted by 'Bronte'
Preston's Negative Review & Scam Ripoff Complaint About AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

Not happy at the moment!
Pretty awful really. I ordered mic a week ago and can't seem to get a reply on when I can expect my order. I have got 2 emails saying they will contact me but that's it. Not happy at all so far. Won't ever buy from them again
Customer review submitted by 'Preston'
Ryan's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews Posted Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

Very satisfied Behringer XR16 owner...
Very satisfied Behringer XR16 owner thanks to Audiobuy. While there was a small hiccup with my order at the start this was easily resolved with an email to their support team. Would definitely recommend.
Customer review submitted by 'Ryan'
Jack's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Tuesday, Feb 14, 2017

X Air 18 DigitalMixer
Thanks Audiobuy! Purchasing the X Air 18 Digital Mixer was the great improvement to our church sound system. Being able to save settings for our band when we have a guest group making it real easy to recall settings. We replaced a 32 channel mixer board with our X Air Digital Mixer, what an improvement. I recommend the Behringer X Air Digital Mixer for institutions or musicians with limited budget.
Customer review submitted by 'Jack'
Spike BassPlayer's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017

My glowing review of AudioBuy
In the last two months I have purchased many products online from AudioBuy and after dealing with Paul for quite some time I have to say my review could not really be any better - this company has been really helpful and putting up with all of my annoying questions and price quote requests. I have left a few other reviews about audio stores but audiobuy are the best in my opinion , maybe not in their communication and stock inventory but more in terms of their constantly lower pricings on guitars and DJ gear I buy quite often. AudioBuy are now my favourite place to get musical gear and I think they know me well enough by now for me to always get a good discount so i'm very happy about that. Love these Guys!
Customer review submitted by 'Spike Bassplayer'
Tsen Chui's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017

my review of
Good friendly service, though my $450 order was just left at my backdoor with a signature required which annoyed me a bit. I spoke to AudioBuy staff about this and they said they'd look into what happened , i think they shipped USPS instead of FEDEX for my order and USPS aren't as good as Fedex. If you purchase from Audiobuy make sure you ask for Fedex delivery instead of another maybe cheaper carrier. other than this i'm very happy with my by from audiobuy , review 4/5.
Customer review submitted by 'Tsen Chui'
Matt's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Tuesday, Jan 31, 2017 Review
I bought stuff and they kept me up to date every step of they way. Free shipping too which was rad. Received everything I ordered no problems.
Customer review submitted by 'Matt'
Harris's Neutral Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017

Hmm mediocre..
3/5 rating because the guitar arrived but there were no extra strings included , I spoke to Katie for about 20 minutes and we were told that extra acoustic strings would be included but yes , the guitar arrives , open the box , and no strings..I'm currently in communication with AudioBuy about shipping us the acoustic strings but they seem hesitant to spend $40 on posting $5 strings...but if they want me as a return customer then I guesss they'll need to send them.
Customer review submitted by 'Harris'
Michelle's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017

I had great experience with this company.
I had great experience with Audiobuy. Some say that they had an issue with being charged the incorrect amount. I'm not sure why or how that happened but I was charged the exact amount as listed and received my item quickly. Overall, I am pleased!
Customer review submitted by 'Michelle'
Bernard McAlistair's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017

These guys are excellent.
These guys are excellent. Great to deal with and bent over backwards to get me a piece of gear not listed on their normal site. Will definitely do business with them again.
Customer review submitted by 'Bernard Mcalistair'

Ritchelle's Review Of AudioBuy Reviews (Singapore) Posted Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017


Will Buy again soon!

It was a pleasure dealing with Audiobuy and Paul. We placed the order and notification was received regarding the status of the item. Which we closely monitor since the delivery place is quite far for we have tried ordering with other site but they cannot deliver. We were delighted that they confirm can deliver to Japan and managed to received it in best condition.They assure that the item was shipped and give us time to time updates. Response with the email is efficient. Price and Service are reasonable no doubt about it.Thankful for your support and assistance, we look forward to deal with you again in the future.

Customer review submitted by 'Ritchelle'

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